Up Front Brake Prices

Before you look at brake price only consider this. There are cheap brakes on the market with a list price of $15.00 that many of our competitors use disappointing their customers time after time and generating thousands of complaints. We use only top of the line brake pads with a list price of $70.00 - $100.00+. This assures many years of problem free and durable service from your brakes.

We then combine our quality brake parts with the best brake service anywhere.

1, Full four wheel brake inspection with an honest no obligation evaluation report. We will never tell you brake work is needed when it is not. 

2, We use only quality brake parts, Raybestos Brakes, Wagner Brakes and original equipment brakes. (Caution: There is a lot of junk brake parts on the market that many other shops use). We back up our brake repair with a 4 year 48,000 mile brake pad warranty (with BCA sticker).

3, Quality brake installation, all brake caliper sliders are removed, cleaned and lubricated, brake caliper hardware is replaced, or cleaned and lubricated, brake pads are coated with anti-squeal compound and professionally installed.

We hope that you will appreciate along with our price quote comes a free no obligation honest brake inspection, your brake repair will be done by friendly and experienced brake experts, we install only quality brake parts including Raybestos Brakes, Wagner Brakes and original equipment brake parts. Your brake job is done right the first time. We back up what we say with a minimum 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. And with our unique team brake repair system you will be back on the road in 1 hour once approved, while you wait.  

Cars. $49.95 per wheel plus $30.00 per wheel for ceramic or original equipment manufactured brake pads = $79.95 per wheel x 2 (Front or rear) $159.90. With $50.00 online discount certificate, $109.90

SUV brakes. Same as above plus $10.00 per wheel. Total with online discount certificate $129.90.

High-end luxury vehicles add $20.00 per wheel. $149.90 cars, $169.90 SUV – With Discount

Shop supplies 4.8% of total bill covers miscellaneous chemicals, sanding disc's, Brake clean spray, 
 caliper grease, misc. nuts and bolts, etc. Drum brakes add ½ hr labor. Environmental waste removal $3.75 Included in most cases.Additional repairs may be needed to make a vehicle safe for the road
costing substantially more than basic brake work.
Our low price price policy guarantees 25% off any competitors written estimate prior to repair. 

Other Brake Repairs

Listed here for you is our brake price guide that is used in our shops for other brake repairs.
Disc Brake Rotors - Straight Raybestos List Price.
Now on sale online - Brake Rotors with Raybestos list price under $90.= $49.95 Covers 90% of all cars.

Wheel Cylinders - Any Car or Lt Truck.- $49.95 / 1 Hr. Labor

Brake Hoses - Any Car or Lt. Truck - $49.95 / 1 Hr. Labor

 Flush, Bleed and Adjust brake Hydraulic System - $56.50Dot 3 Brake Fluid $12.00 / Dot 4 Brake Fluid $22.00.

Steel Brake Lines - 2 hours first line, 1 hr. ea additional.

Additional rear brake shoe labor 1/2 hr per wheel (Some cars).

Rear Brake Spring Kit (Both Sides) $65.00Caliper - Straight list price  / 1 Hr. Labor

Machining - Resurfacing Brake Rotor After Removed No Charge with brake repairs

Straight Time Brake Labor (Labor Rate) - $94.00 per flat rate hour.

Rotor Labor - Non Captured, free with brake pad replacement. Captured rotors - 15 min remove 15 min replace ($47.50),  Hub and 4X4 rotors $75.00 & up.

Master Cylinder Raybestos List Plus 1 Hour minimum labor.

Standard Lug and Stud - $25.00 / first set on ea. wheel, $10.00 ea. addl. Plus rotor labor if needed.

Rework rear brake calipers with built in e.brake $20.00 ea.

Brake Service - Adjust rear brakes, apply non-directional finish to disc rotors - $30.00 

Brake inspection on H.D. trucks and vehicles over 25 years old $47.50  

Shop supplies 4.8% of total bill covers miscellaneous chemicals, sanding disc's, Brake clean spray,
 caliper grease, misc. nuts and bolts, etc.Environmental waste removal $3.75

These prices are to be used as a guide only and may vary. A repair estimate will be given prior to repairs.-  -  -
We can not combine brake offers and discounts, we will use the largest discount offer available.

-  -  -
Have your own brake parts?Ask about our customer parts program.
No additional discounts on customer supplied brake rbparts.
For fleet pricing and national accounts, contact Bill Pelletier @BrakesUSA@aol.com

 You can spread out your payments with our no cost 2pay and 3pay programs.

We will also professionally install auto parts that you supply
Conditions: That you supply dealer or OEM Original Equipment parts or top of the line ONLY parts from the following parts stores. Auto Zone Parts, Pep Boys auto parts, Advance auto parts, Carquest auto parts, Napa auto parts, Fair Auto auto parts and original equipment parts. We will only install their top of the line auto parts.


 We service: Acura brakes, Audi brakes, BMWbrakes, Buick brakes, Cadillac brakes, Chevrolet brakes, Chrysler brakes, Dodge brakes, Fiat brakes, Ford brakes, GMC brakes, Honda brakes, Hyundai brakes, Infinity brakes, Jaguar brakes, Jeep brakes, Kia brakes, Land Rover brakes, Lexus brakes, Lincoln brakes, Mazda brakes, Mercedes Benz brakes, MINI brakes, Mitsubishi brakes, Nissan brakes, Porsche brakes, RAM brakes, Scion brakes, Smart brakes, Subaru brakes, Suzuki brakes, Toyota brakes, Volkswagen brakes, Volvo brakes.

  Our limited lifetime warranty covers your brake pad set or brake shoe set (Parts) and does not cover the labor charge to install at the current rate for installation if replacement occurs more than one year (365) days after the date of original installation or 12,000 twelve thousand miles. Our Brake Center store must restore the entire braking system to its proper operating condition including hydraulic system service. All warranty repairs must be done by Brake Centers. This limited warranty does not include additional parts and labor that may be required, including, without limitation, the cost of rotors, drums or other braking parts and labor to install them. If you do not authorize all of the parts and labor required to restore the entire braking system to its proper operating condition, including, without limitation, the installation of other required parts. This limited warranty does not apply to parts that are not purchased and/or installed by us. You may not have warranty repairs made elsewhere. No part or labor is warranted if damaged by commercial type service or use. Warranty is void if another garage works on the brake system.