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Annual brake inspection a must.

Do you want to save a ton of money on brake repairs?

  Have your brakes inspected every year or 12,000 miles. 

 See what happens when you ignore the condition of your brakes. 

 When you inspect your brakes as part of yearly auto maintenance you will catch small problems before they become very major repairs. During the brake inspection you can be told how much brake pad life is left and approximately how many more miles you can drive until you need brake pads. 

 If a set of brake pads are needed when the brakes are inspected the cost is about $110.00 per axle set installed. About $220.00 for all four wheels if needed. And that is normally all it cost when brakes are replaced before any signs of brake problems. 

 When you wait until the brakes grind you damage the rotors and have an additional expense of about $50.00 per rotor and an additional half hour in labor each so you take the basic brake pad job of $220.00 and add about $400.00 to the job if all four rotors are damaged. You are now needlessly spending over $600.00. 

 Ignore the grinding noise and continue to drive with grinding brakes and the brake caliper pistons will blow out. Brake calipers average about $100.00 each plus one hour ($100.00) each for labor. If four calipers are now needed because you continued to drive until the car wont stop you can add on up yo $800.00 for four calipers installed that's on top of a four wheel brake job and four brake rotors. 

 Keep driving around with the petal to the floor can cause damage to the master cylinder by stroking the  piston inside the cylinder dry without brake fluid. Also pushing the brake petal to the floor can cause the umbrella seal that is in-between the primary and secondary portions of the master cylinder to flip now needing a master cylinder replacement. New master cylinder $250.00 plus two hours labor ($200.00). 

 We are now talking very big numbers and only because brakes were neglected. We hate to see customers that come in with all this damage. It doesn't sound good that we charged $1000.00 for a brake repair, and it is hard for most to understand why it now cost so much for the repair. 

 This is why we encourage our customers yo do a yearly brake inspection (It's free). And it is not likely that you will ever have a very large brake repair bill. It is better for our reputation when we can inexpensively repair a customers brake system. The customer is happy, we are happy and the customer goes on to tell his friends and family about the great service that they received. 


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Brake Man

Be Brake Smart

 Some shops train their managers to oversell brake service and their customers pay the price with unnecessarily enormous brake repair bills. 

 We inspect many vehicles almost daily from customers of other shops that are told they need a lot of unnecessary brake work. After a thorough brake inspection we scratch our head not understanding how brake repairs can be advised where no or little brake work is needed. Many times the customer doesn't even have a complaint about their brakes. Sometimes expensive new calipers are sold when they can almost always be repaired very inexpensively. We always wonder how many people every day are saying yes to the large repair bill without getting a second opinion. This practice was limited to the aftermarket years ago but now we see most new car dealers doing the same routine. 

 Why is this happening? Well aside from the obvious, to make more money. The manager is working for a company with a short game strategy and taking as much from each customer as possible. These companies put a lot of pressure on their managers to oversell. What happens is they take an average sale from a shop that oversells and tells their manager that he is not doing his job because his “average ticket” is much lower than other shops and is warned to get his “average ticket” up (Oversell). The manager has a choice between losing his job or overselling service. Not a good position to be in for him or his customers. 

 It is unbelievable to us that even the largest auto repair companies still think this way. They are not interested in making a customer happy and retaining their business by being honest thinking only how much they can take from that customer today, thinking only of short term profit.

 We have a great business and our bays are full while many of these companies always have open bays while they wait for their next victim. Our business is built on returning customers and referrals. Be sure to take a minute or two and do a google search on the company that you are planning to do business with and if they have hundreds of complaints steer clear. 

 While there are times that a customer will need a lot of brake work (Usually because warning signs were ignored) most of the work we do is basic brake repairs, brake pads and sometimes rotors with brake fluid maintenance. And what is needed is always based on the customers complaint and brake parts measurements or defects. We recommend that customers receiving a large bill to get a second opinion and avoid the risk getting ripped off. We have a free no obligation inspection and we are always happy to let our customers get prices elsewhere, leave and pay nothing, come back and thank us for the fair price and accurate inspection. 

 Our focus is always on the customer. Doing what is right to make our customers safe and happy with us. Never overselling or overcharging. Our managers are friendly, caring people and not concerned if the customer needs no work at all. And in the end our customers have rewarded us with a great business for the service that we provided them.