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1) Many auto repair shops charge top dollar and use cheap brakes to maximize profits. Other shops improperly install brakes creating many brake problems.

 2) Many new car dealers are telling their customers that brake repairs are needed when they are not.

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Other auto repair shops have thousands of complaints, see for yourself here→. Midas, Firestone Auto care, Pep Boys .  Why put yourself through that?

You will be impressed from start to finish with every aspect of our customer focused service

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It matters who does your brakes


Here's why.

  First ask yourself if you want your brakes done right. To most garages including new car dealers replacing brakes means looking at the brake pads, purchasing brakes and slapping them on. If you are looking for a safe and problem free repair this is far from the way brakes are done. 

 Doing brakes correctly starts with a thorough inspection of all four wheels. (There is no charge for our inspection)

 Brake pads are not only checked for thickness but are checked against each other side to side to check wear patterns which will tell you how your new pads will wear, evenly or unevenly. If there is uneven wear you must take the time to figure out why or the new pads will wear out very rapidly.   

 Are the caliper sliders frozen? Are the pads hanging up on the brake hardware? Sized caliper? Restricted brake hose? Etc.

 Does the vehicle pulsate on stops? Because of today's downsized brake system disc brake rotors are vulnerable to warp-age and going out of parallel. As part of every proper inspection each rotor must be measured and the readings compared to manufactures specification. Each rotor must be further inspected for run-out. Final all the braking surfaces must be checked for rust or pitting.

 Brake hoses are checked for imperfections, bubbling and restriction. Brake lines are inspected for rust and leakage. The brake fluid is checked for contamination.

 All conditions good and bad are recorded and the customer is appropriately advised.

 In performing even the most basic brake pad repair it is imperative that a quality product is provided. There are many levels of quality of brake pads. A set of cheap pads can have a list price of $15.00. ranging up to a top quality brake pad that has an average list price of $90.00. You get what you pay for. We will only install top quality parts and our customers are happy for years to come. Garages that install the cheapest product charge top dollar and have nothing but disappointing customers.   

Did you know that you can easily ruin even the best brake pad by poor installation practices? The face of the brake pad and the rotors must be kept perfectly clean. Even touching the pad surface with clean hands can transfer oils from your fingers onto the pad causing brake squeal. Caliper sliders must be removed, wire brushed and lubricated with proper disc brake grease. Brake pad hardware must be cleaned and lubricated or replaced if they have the slightest imperfection or they will cause your brake pads to drag. Brake pad shims must be installed. An anti-squeal compound should be coated on the back side of the pad minimizing vibration and insuring a quiet stop. 

Finally the vehicle should be test driven using a break in or burnish process using several slow stops increasing in speed allowing cooling between stops.

You can see that there is much more involved than just installing pads.

 We offer a quality of repair that is unmatched anywhere and we don't charge any more for doing things right, in fact we have a 125% low price guarantee to further make Brake Centers of America are the brake experts.

  It absolutely matters where you get your brakes repaired.